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Trans-Siberian Railway tickets at cost:

MOSCOW—> BEIJING 2017/18 1st class now 35% off, new fare = EUR 984.-

MOSCOW—> BEIJING—> HANOI VIETNAM for backpackers now $825 including couchette. Offer is valid thru 6-9-18.

MOSCOW –> BEIJING 2017/18 EUR 392.- with 1 change at the border. Couchette and reservations included.

If you need all timetables and a complete summary about current fares, please go toTranssib St. Petersburg – German text.

If you need more detailed information, here we go:

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Backpackers – always bear in mind that buying Mongolian and Chinese train tickets is not a big thing; however, should you be tough enough to acquire tickets for the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia be ready to queue up for hours expecting not 1 word of English. Trains of the Trans-Siberian Railway are sold out months before. However, if you have the luck to catch one of the last tickets be sure it’ll be directly at the men’s / women’s room which is an extremely bad experience. The Russians are clever enough to ignore those places in all circumstances.

Information about traveling Kamtschatka, Tommot, the diamond-digger camps in Siberia, Oimjakon , Altai, Lake Baikal must get renewed upon each single request because of changing weather conditions, unability of the administrations there etc – so get us a little time…

14.02.17– – 1 ticket = 14.858 km. Stopovers free. Travel from Sotschi at the Black Sea to world-famous St. Petersburg. Then to the Gulag Vorkuta. Turn back to the civilisation and reach Moscow. Enter the Trans-Siberian Railway for the complete 9.288 km, resting at Lake Baikal. Finally reach the Pacific Ocean at Vladivostok.– This cost you a fortune? But no. Including all couchette coaches’ supplements EUR 882.- / USD 1.067. Validity of ticket: 30 days. Also higher classes available.

Dear Traveler,

we must admit the Russian train booking system is a sophisticated one – also the Russian version of Mr. Sixpack doesn’t know the details. There are 4 classes of trains, 7 categories of coaches, 41 different seasonal tariffs, plus ups and downs of the Rubel and supplements / discounts respectively on selected trains of the Trans-Siberian Railway, BAM and all other Russian trains..

Exactly this chaos, triggered by Russian apparatschicks, makes it easy for ticket-scalpers to charge you much more than the real fares are in truth. This prevents many travelers from visiting the biggest country on earth, facing prices sky-rocketing.  Train traveling, especially with the Trans-Siberian Railway, in Russia is easy, comfortable, a bit slow, punctual <!>, affordable and safe.

And: should you pay with credit card, look exactly who is behind the name of the website. Insist on real names of real persons, full address and a non-cell phone number.

Prices will be 25%  higher when you start in May later than 09.05.17 and they reach the years’ peak between Juli 15 and September 2. Up from September 3 there will be a discount of about 20% in all booking classes. Up from October 1 there will be a further reduction of the reduced fares etc.

Moscow – Peking will cost you $775 via Ulan Bator and $811 via Manzhouli.

For BAM connections and all other itineraries please check our main site.

Please note: depending on the places and number of stopovers you make, the fare is getting higher because for the first 3.000 km you always pay the maximum price.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should questions arise!

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